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How NantiAja Increase 184.7% ROI Using Integrated Inbound Marketing Strategy


NantiAja is a new Buy Now Pay Later service that is set to launch in October 2021. This innovative new service will allow users to shop now and split their payments into 4 equal instalments.

With NantiAja, users will only need to pay for 25% of the total item price and can choose to pay the remainder over 42 days or 90 days, with no interest fees. This flexible new payment option is sure to revolutionise the way people shop online and will make it easier than ever to access the items you want.

Pain Points

During this campaign, NantiAja had a significant amount of content, but lacked a way to share that content with their audience in a way that would re-engage existing customers, generate new leads, and move prospects through their sales funnel to become customers.

NantiAja needs to increase revenue to the BNPL-product. We need to come up with a plan that would not only add new leads to the existing customer list, but also encourage leads to convert.

Key Takeaway

We boost the transaction by implementing the inbound marketing methodology which requires the right mix of marketing strategy, content creation, social media, and email marketing.

We manage to automate the marketing process, improved email marketing by doing A/B testing and email automation. Other than that, we build data integration to create data segmentation that we can use to personalise the message that we want to deliver to customers.

We also introduced customers to a content that was highly engaged with the audience and resonated with their buyer personas. The goal of this strategy is to keep loyal customers, keeping satisfied customers helps businesses attract new customers and retain those who already have.

We managed to increase 35.61% customer retention transaction rate because it's cheaper for us to retain active customers who continue to buy than acquire a new one. By optimising customer retention strategy we can boost 184.7% ROI in the last 3 months.
We try to communicate and engage with our audience to give review and rating to NantiAja’s App using WhatsApp marketing. We create different campaigns with personalised messages to each segmented customer. It plays a major role because it could convince new customers in making a choice to convert.

We managed to increase 0.57% rating in the last 3 months after we tried to reach our customers by giving review and rating to Google Play Store. It gives a pretty impact on app discovery.

Dealing With Stagnant Transaction

Low Google Play Rating

Retention Rate Instruction
ROI Growth
Google Play Store Rating

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